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Gardener Select GSA W2K08Z Galvanized Oval Watering Can, 2L

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Gardener Select’s Galvanized Oval Watering Can is the perfect tool to help you water your plants, and do it with a touch of style!

  • Capacity:  Holds 2 Liters, with a wide mouth for easy filling
  • Has a rounded handle for comfort while pouring
  • The long spout makes reaching into hanging baskets easier
  • Made of powder coated metal, for a lasting product
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor watering

This Galvanized Oval Watering Can by Gardener Select is a great watering can for watering your indoor and outdoor plants. The can is made of powder coated metal and can hold 2 liters of water. The wide mouth allows for easy filling from the sink or the garden hose. It features a rounded handle and long spout for ease and comfort when reaching those high hanging baskets. Watering your plants with this lightweight watering can will keep your plants hydrated and happy!

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Less Than 1 Gallon
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