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Gardener Select Transplanter/Weeder Hand Gardening Tool - 14.75 in

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Gardener Select Transplanter/Weeder is certain to become one of your favorite gardening hand tools!

  • Measures 14.75” in length
  • Carbon Steel - Carbon Steel - durable & constructed to last season after season
  • Chrome Surface – contributes to its durability
  • Rubber Wood Handle with Grip for comfort and less hand/wrist fatigue

Garden Select’s hand transplanter is used for planting seeds and transplanting seedlings into planters and small beds. The tool is also used for dividing and transplanting perennials. Similar to a trowel, this tool allows you to dig precise holes for planting. The blade is longer and narrower than a trowel and is good for digging deep under the plant roots for transplanting.

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