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Gardener Select Turret Sprinkler 9-in-1

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The Gardener Select 9-Pattern Turret Sprinkler is basically nine sprinklers in one!

  • Great for small or oddly shaped areas
  • Nine patterns to choose from are: square, small circle, large circle, rounded square, rectangle, half circle, narrow rectangle, outer ring and half square
  • Durable construction
  • Has sieve to prevent clogging

Pattern turret sprinklers are a popular choice among gardeners everywhere when watering small areas, gardens, or oddly shaped areas. Durably constructed with a zinc alloy base with central pop-up aluminum rotor, you'll have this sprinkler for years of use. Features a sieve to keep dirt and debris out of the sprinkler and its moving parts. The sprinkler works well on low water pressure, so if you have well water you’ll still get quite a bit of water flow (sometimes closer to a mist) from this sprinkler. Also makes a great sprinkler for the kids to play in!

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