Fertilome Gardener's Special All Purpose Plant Food 11-15-11

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A bountiful garden is a well-deserved reward available to every gardener.

Key Product Features

  • Formulation: 11-15-11 with trace elements
  • An excellent all-purpose plant food that contains fast and slow-release Nitrogen
  • Contains trace elements to aid in development of plant and crop yield
  • 15 percent Phosphorus,  11 percent Nitrogen and 11 percent Potassium content
  • Specially formulated for all types of gardening practices

Gardening is a favorite hobby enjoyed by many individuals. To help you with acheive successful gardening, Fertilome Gardener’s Special is specially formulated for all types of gardening practices such as growing vegetables, roses, flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees, etc. The 11-15-11 formulation provides a generous supply of plant nutrients and slow-release Nitrogen that are needed for healthy plant growth. One key to successful gardening is to start with well-prepared soil. Fertilome Gardener's Special plant food is the perfect way to to help you do that. 

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Additional Information

General Purpose
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