IMC Cambridge Electric Candle with Bracket & Sensor Brass - 8" (Qty 1)

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  • IMC Cambridge Electric Candle with Bracket & Sensor Brass - 8" (Qty 1)
  • IMC Cambridge Electric Candle with Bracket & Sensor Brass - 8" (Qty 1)
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Many new windows today are being made without window sills, so how do you put a candle in that window? Answer: IMC’s Cambridge Electric Candle with bracket and Sensor!

Key Product Features

  • You will receive 1 candle per order (model CA200BS4)
  • Bracket measures 3"
  • Candle measures approximately 3 x 3 x 8 inches
  • Base color: Brass
  • Sensor: Turns on at dusk and off at dawn! No need to fuss with plugging and unplugging cords!
  • Patented "non-tip" bracket holds candle in any window. No tape, tacks, or string needed for assembly!
  • Features 7.0-Watt 3,000-hour cool burning electric incandescent bulb (steady lighting)
  • Long polarized electrical cord with fused plug (comes with one spare fuse)
  • UL Listed for indoor use only

The tradition of burning a candle in the window is a sign of welcome. What better way to welcome your family and guests to your home than with IMC’s beautiful Cambridge Electric Steady-Lighted Window Candle (with bracket) glowing in your windows? It is designed for narrow or no window sills or replacement windows, it sets your candle perfectly in the window. To mount: open window one inch, place candle in window opening. Close the window to lock the bracket in place. It’s that easy!

The Cambridge Electric Candle is equipped a sensor that automatically turns the candle on and off without you having to fuss with cords and switches! The candle has a cool burning, steady lighted, electric incandescent bulb, making the candles the brightest and most beautiful candles in the industry today. Turning it on is as easy as plugging it in and letting the sensor do the rest. This model is a steady light candle that keeps a consistent warm, welcoming glow. Decorating you home for the holiday just became much easier! Easy set up and easy removal at the end of the season!

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