Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green Black Beauty Delmarva Mix Grass Seed

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Jonathan Green Black Beauty Delmarva Mix Grass Seed is just what your lawn needs!

Key Product Features

  • Delmarva Mix Grass Seed replaces Chesapeake Bay Blend
  • Produces a dense, attractive turf, naturally dark-green in color
  • Specially formulated for the heat/drought stressed areas of the Mid-Atlantic
  • A quality, tall fescue blend that outperforms Kentucky-31 Tall Fescue
  • Great for sunny or shady areas

Black Beauty Delmarva is a proprietary tall fescue blend that is specially formulated for the hot and humid climate of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. With roots that can grow up to 4 feet deep and a waxy leaf coating (like the skin on an apple), Black Beauty Delmarva preserves moisture and limits evaporation. It also withstands heavy traffic, naturally resists insects and diseases, and thrives in sunny and shady areas. Black Beauty Delmarva is sure to provide you with a healthy, dark-green lawn for years to come. Seed should germinate in 10 - 20 days.

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