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Kurt Adler Noble Gems Collection Glass Pickle in Santa Hat Ornament

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Amuse your friends and family with this whimsical touch to your Christmas decor this year. Whether you are continuing or starting the "Christmas pickle" tradition, it is certain to create lasting memories!

Key Product Features

  • Part of Kurt Adler Nobel Gems collection
  • Approximately 4.25 inches tall and 2 inch in diameter
  • Made from hand blown glass and paint/mica
  • Wears an adorable fabric Santa Hat
  • Hangs from a silver string
  • A beautiful ornament to begin or continue the pickle ornament tradition
  • Makes a thoughtful gift to families that would enjoy this fun tradition

This pickle from Kurt Adler’s Nobel Gems collection is made from hand blown glass and features a bright green pickle with intricate detailing such as bumps along the surface. He also has an adorable cloth Santa hat atop his head. Did you know that the pickle ornament was once considered a very special tree decoration by many German families? There, the fir tree was traditionally decorated on Christmas Eve. For good luck, the pickle was always the last ornament to be hung on the tree with mother and father hiding it in the green boughs among the other ornaments. When the children were allowed to view the splendor of the decorated tree on Christmas morning, they gleefully begin searching for the pickle ornament. They knew that whoever found that special ornament first, would receive an extra little gift left by St. Nicholas for the most eager child.

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