Marolin Manufaktur "Large Brown Horse" Collector's Pull Toy

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This extremely accurate antique replica wooden horse toy is sure to make an incredible addition to any hobbyist's collection!

Key Product Features

  • Made with high quality materials: paper-mâché, hemp twine, and wood
  • Collector's value - Created using a mold from 1930 and bears a Marolin-seal from 1917
  • Hand painted for greater detail and quality 
  • Patinated to create the nostalgic look to the colors

Papermaché-animals mounted on movable wooden boards belonged to the most popular toys until the middle of the 20th century. Just like in the past, no artificial materials are used: the turned wooden wheels are mounted with special round head nails, the hemp twine used for pulling comes from one of the last Thuringian roperies and the strap is fixed with an original Marolin®-seal from the year 1917. Great gift for collectors, hobbyists, and the elderly nostalgic for their childhood.

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