EPIC Mole Scram All Natural Outdoor Granular Animal Repellent, 10lbs

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Stop and get rid of moles and mole tunnels in your lawns, gardens and landscapes by using this formula.  

Key Product Features

  • This formula coats worms, grubs and other insects that moles eat with a disagreeable flavor and smell.
  • The smell and taste of the granules provides dual action protection to convince moles that an area is dangerous and quickly trains them to avoid the treated areas.
  • Can be applied as a protective border or evenly spread over the specific areas you'd like to protect.
  • Convenient 10-pound bag contains enough product to protect up to 7,500 square feet for all season use with no mixing required.
  • Each application is long lasting and should last around 30 days during normal rainfall and irrigation.
  • Environmentally safe when used properly and will not harm animals, people or plants. 
  • Packaging is in the process of being updated and may vary. 

Mole Scram is a spreadable formula that is guaranteed to keep moles out of your lawns, gardens and landscapes, while not being offensive to humans. This formula was developed as a highly effective response to the damaging tunnels caused by foraging moles. This product is safe to use around pets of your own, children and plants.

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Moles & Voles
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Moles & Voles
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28 Reviews

  • 5
    Mole Scram

    Posted by Bob on Aug 24th 2023

    I have been using it for years. Need to follow instructions. Also Great Customer Service

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel Davis on Jun 1st 2023

    The product is great if you do it correctly and by the label.

  • 5
    Great product fast delivery

    Posted by Customer on Jul 29th 2022

    This product works great and does exactly what it says it will. The moles scram

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Dennis Alberts on Jul 21st 2022

    Works great

  • 5
    It really works

    Posted by Nancy on Nov 12th 2021

    It really works. I have use this for years. It works

  • 5
    It works well!

    Posted by Captain Larry on Oct 3rd 2021

    This stuff works well!

  • 4
    Its environmentally friendly

    Posted by Stargazer on Aug 16th 2021

    Seems to need frequent repeated applications to be effective. Clear directions but many steps involved.

  • 5
    Lives up to its Name

    Posted by C. Martin on Jul 15th 2021

    Wow we had a horrible mole problem this took care of the problem. We live on a golf course so all the moles were in our yard. Mole Scram lives up to its name. i will reapply often to keep them away. Highly recommend

  • 5
    using this product have had good results with no molds.

    Posted by Customer on Jun 23rd 2021

    used this for 1st time and the moles have not retuned, will be putting down 2nd treatment. So far good results.

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