Monterey Florel Regulator Nutrient Supplement and Spray for Plant Growth, 1 Gal

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This tree growth regulator prevents fruit or food formation on numerous fruit trees listed on the label, including Apple, maple, Chestnut, Olive, Sweet orange and more!

Key Product Features

  • It works best when applied once during full bloom in the spring
  • Will increase lateral branching in a number of ornamental trees and shrubs, both outdoors and in a greenhouse so your plants will thrive
  • Modifies the flowering patterns of cantaloupe, cucumber, squash, and pumpkins for hybrid seed production
  • Plants sprayed with it often flower 7 to 10 days earlier than plants not treated
  • Can be used for fruit growth prevention, mistletoe control, lateral branching, defoliation of roses, flowering of ornamental bromeliads, Hybrid seed production and more
  • Made for residential and commercial applications
  • Can also be used for mistletoe removal from ornamental conifers and deciduous trees, increase lateral branching, defoliation, flower induction of ornamental bromeliads, reduction of daffodil plant height, hybrid seed production of cantaloupe, cucumber, pumpkin and squash, and more
  • Easy to use - simply mix the floral Brand growth regulator concentrate with the appropriate amount of water based on the desired use case and spray to apply

This growth regulator stops the mess! Primarily it prevents nuisance fruit formation on ornamental trees and shrubs such as Apple, Buckeye, Carob, Crab apple, Elm, Flowering Pear, Horse chestnut, Maple, Oak, Olive, Sour Orange, Sweet Gum/Liquidambar, Sycamore and many more. This product has numerous additional use cases.

This 1 gallon concentrate must be diluted with the appropriate amount of water depending on the use case. May be used as a foliar spray to treat ornamental and greenhouse plants.

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