Monterey Lawn and Garden Horticultural Oil Concentrate, 1-Pint

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This pest control is great for use on aphids, leaf miners, leafhoppers, trips, spider mites, scales, whiteflies, mealybugs and many more. It gives poor control for caterpillars & worms. However, it does control eggs of all insects!

Key Product Features

  • Our insecticide is designed for use on a variety of trees & plants including corn, Potatoes, Apples, almonds, avocados, citrus, Peaches, pecans, blackberries, figs, pineapple and more.
  • This product is designed for safe use during both the dormant and growing season. Application during each season will increase the effectiveness of the product's insect control.
  • Our insecticide is OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening. Omri, the organic materials Review Institute, determines whether or not a product Qualifies as organic under the usda's national organic program.
  • This product mixes readily with water. It should be applied using a pump up or trigger sprayer. Use enough spray solution to completely penetrate the leaf canopy and cover both top and bottom of all leaves until wet without runoff.

Our product is a uniquely formulated paraffinic horticultural oil designed for both dormant & summer usages. It controls insects by suffocation rather than poisoning them. It will kill eggs, larvae & adult insects. However, you must physically spray the insect in order for it to be effective. It is very effective on aphids, whiteflies, mites, mealy bugs and scales. It can be used on all ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, fruit tree, nut & vine crops. About Monterey: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products is a leading distributor of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers. We strive to offer home gardeners the same professional-grade technology available to the agricultural industry. Our growing line of products provide economical and effective solutions to yard and garden problems, and are properly registered and labeled to be sold to and used by the home gardener.

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Mites and Aphids
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Mites and Aphids
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