Monterey Lg1140 Pesticide Spray Tank Cleaner, 1 Pint

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1 unit
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Keep your sprayers clean so that they work effectively for many years!

Key Product Features

  • Potassium hydroxide anticorrosion compounds sequestering agents surfactants
  • Will remove and deactivate residual pesticide contamination from spray equipment
  • For use inside tank sprayers
  • You will receive (1) 16 ounce bottle of cleaner

Using Monterey Spray Tank Cleaner will help to prolong the life of your spraying equipment and help you to avoid dangerous chemical mixing and cross contamination. Cleaning your sprayer is especially important if you are using your sprayer for both pesticide applications and fertilizer applications. Spray Tank Cleaner doesn’t contain any insecticidal properties, but keep animals out of the area you are using.

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