Monterey Pro-Bloom 3-5-17 Concentrate, 1 Gallon

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Monterey Pro-Bloom is useful to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies and give you beautiful, healthy blooms.

Product Features

  • Promotes blossoms and prevents future imbalances in plants
  • Corrects existing phosphate and potassium deficiencies
  • Phosphate and potassium blend is designed to increase the rate and health of blossom in ornamental plants
  • Works well with all flowering plants, not just ornamentals
  • Not intended for use edible plants
  • Can be applied to either plant foliage or soil for blossom and flower promotion

Monterey Bloom and Root Plant Food is a concentrated water-soluble fertilizer that promotes growth in vegetables and ornamental plants. This product can be used on all plants, like roses, bedding plants, shrubs, vegetables, and fruit trees. The chelated micronutrients in Bloom and Root Plant Food allows the food to be directly absorbed through the leaves and roots, promoting vigorous bloom and root developments of all plants.

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Bloom Booster
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