Monterey Sequestar Iron 6% Plant Amendment for Gardening, 4 Pounds

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Sequestar Chelated Iron, by Monterey, is a fast acting chelated iron that is effective in the correction of iron deficiency!

Key Product Features

  • May be used for treatment of iron chlorosis on ornamental trees, shrubs, groundcovers, citrus, vegetables, fruits, bedding plants and lawns
  • May also be applied as a preventive for iron deficiency. It can be used to help with the prevention of yellowing of the leaves between the veins and on the new growth
  • Chelation allows the iron to be protected and readily available to plants even in alkaline soils where it would normally be bound to the soil
  • Contains Eddha, a top of the line agent in chelating materials
  • Great for acid loving plants that have a difficult time absorbing iron in anything but acidic soils
  • For best results, treating with smaller doses at frequent intervals rather than giving a large dose all at once is recommended

This product can be dissolved in water and applied to the soil as a spray or drip as well as through sprinkler or furrow irrigation. It can also be dry blended with dry fertilizers or inert carriers (such as sand) and applied as a broadcast or sidedressed application.

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Additional Information

Iron Tone
General Purpose
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