Mulching in Fall

5 Benefits of Fall Mulching + How to Tips


1. Extends growing season.
Mulching in fall keeps the soil warmer for a longer time helping the roots of plants grow later in the season. 
2. Locks in moisture & protects from the elements.
Mulching helps keep moisture in the soil and does not let the sun and wind dry it out. 

3. Adds appeal & prevents damage.
Mulch adds visual appeal to your landscape and keeps the lawn mowers and weed trimmers away from the base of trees so there is not accidental damage. 
4. Improves soil structure
As mulch decomposes it adds organic matter into the soil.

5. Saves time
Mulch also deters the growth of weeds, reducing maintenance.

Remember that you only need 2-4 inches of mulch around your plants.  If you already have 2-4” of mulch, work up the mulch and this should make it look better and keep it from compacting too much.  Keep in mind, too much mulch can be detrimental to plants and trees.  If soil is too wet, it prevents oxygen from penetrating the soil.  Keep mulch away from trunks of trees and shrubs.  This can stress the tissue and lead to disease and insect problems.