Music Of The Spheres

Music of the Spheres Japanese Soprano 30 Inch Wind Chime

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Music of the Spheres, the Stradivarius of Windchimes

Windchimes for all seasons

Soothing. Uplifting. Exotic. Mesmerizing. Music of the Spheres speaks.

Each tuning is available in five sizes; soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor and bass. There are eleven tunings: Pentatonic, Mongolian, Chinese, Quartal, Japanese, Chinese, Balinese, Whole Tone, Hawaiian, Gypsy, Aquarian and Nashville make up the scales from familiar to more exotic!

In addition there are the one size, one tune chimes. The Westminster chime contains the notes used extensively for clocks and doorbells producing a rich harmony of cathedral bells with astonishing accuracy! The Contrabass and Basso Profundo are offered in the Quartal tuning.

The chimes are written in the octave of the alto size. Sopranos are one octave higher; mezzos are one half octave higher; tenors are one half octave lower; basses are one octave lower.

These are symphonic quality chimes, precision tuned to the standard orchestral pitch and sing with a rich lyrical blend of tones that resonate not simply in the ear but in the soul. They are superb on their own but amazing in an ensemble. Different sizes of the same tuning or ensembles with companion tuning create blends of music that inspire. There are three ensembles offering tunes that complement each other; Pentatonic-Hawaiian, Mongolian-Aquarian, Chinese-Japanese-Balinese.

These chimes are meticulously hand crafted in the USA. Their elegant design features central tube suspension with smoothly polished tube ends to prevent cord abrasion. The tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom manufactured and will never rust. The tubing is coated with a sleek black corrosion protective finish that provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments.

Heavy gauge polished stainless steel rings provide sturdy support and enduring beauty. Their tough UV stabilized synthetic braid cordage is highly resistant to abrasion, ultra violet degradation, rot and mildew. Solid UV stabilized polyethylene clappers provide superior tonal quality and outdoor durability.

Their unique interchangeable detachable wind catcher provides activity control. The chimes are designed to play in eight to ten mile per hour breezes. They turn the breezes in to music.

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