How to Attract More Birds



Do you love the sweet sound of a robin singing, the sighting of a cardinal, the soft hum of a hummingbird? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep these beautiful birds in your backyard.


  1. Put Out The Welcome Mat:


Provide a safe spot for the birds to habitat in your backyard by landscaping with native plants. Provide feeders, natural food sources, water, shelter and nesting areas.


2. Prepare a Proper Menu


Refill feeders regularly with foods suited to the birds in your area and the season.


3. Keep It Clean


Clean feeders, birdbaths as well as feeding areas regularly.


4. If You Have A Cat Keep It Indoors


One way to keep your birding area safe is by installing an ultrasonic cat deterrent. Be sure to keep hungery animals away by keeping the bird food high.


5. Keep It Safe


Avoid using pesticides, herbicides or other dangerous chemicals where birds feed, bath or nest.


6. Remove Obstacles:


Reduce window collisions by keeping bird feeders at least 3 feet from windows. Adding decorations to windows where collisions occur is a great deterrent.


7. Birdbaths:


Birds need clean water for drinking and bathing. The sound of water flowing is sure to attrack birds.