Planting Instructions for Evergreens and Shrubs

Dig a hole two times larger than diameter of soil ball and 6 inches deeper.


Mix Bumper Crop with the soil you have removed from the hole.


 Fill extra depth of the hole with the soil mixture and tamp firmly to eliminate settling after the bush is planted.


Place the plant in the hole with top of root ball 1 inch above ground level.  If potted in metal, plastic, or a treated wood container, remove container carefully.  If potted in paper mache pot, or untreated basket, cut three holes in the sides – 4-inch diameter and then plant pot and all.  If burlapped, fill the hole 1/2 full with soil mix and tamp firmly.  Then cut loose the burlap from around the plant trunk and fold down.




If the plant is wrapped with plastic burlap and twine, remove them entirely.  Soak thoroughly several times.  After water soaks in, finish covering ball with soil mix




If the plant is planted deeper than it was in the nursery, death of the plant may result and we will not be responsible if planting is too deep.


Make a basin around the edge of the hole to retain the water.


Mulch the basin with 2 inches of bark mulch.


Fill the basin with water four times, soaking the plant thoroughly.


Apply Esbenshades Transplant Root Stimulator to the base of the plant as recommended monthly.  Discontinue use in September.


Water thoroughly once every week to 10 days or as needed during the first growing season.  The best way is to place a garden hose at the base of the plant, letting it trickle slowly until soil is saturated.




  Be careful of over watering when planting in heavy clay soil, planting on a shaded side of a building, or when heavy mulch is used. Feed established plants two times yearly; in early spring and again in fall with HOLLY-TONE for Evergreens and Plant-Tone fertilizer for flowering shrubs.