Poinsettia Varieties



The Esbenshade’s Advantage




·         -Esbenshade’s poinsettias are locally grown in our own greenhouses. 


·         -We offer fresher, healthier plants, that


o   are maintained in natural lighting, not artificial fluorescent light, and


o   arrive quickly from our greenhouses, reducing stress on the plants.


·         -Our proven growing techniques produce high quality plants that will outlast the competition’s.




·         -When you buy direct from the grower you save.


·         -EVP Esbenshade’s Value Pricing – A new initiative underway to reduce prices, giving you the best price all the time.




·         -As one of the “Nations Top 100 Growers,” we have thousands of poinsettias in many different sizes and varieties.


·         -We offer you the largest selection of poinsettias in the area.


·         -Our poinsettia’s size and value are unsurpassed because we offer you our best.




·         -We stand behind our plants.


·         -If you are not happy with the poinsettia you bought from us, you may *return it for a new poinsettia of equal size. *Proof or Purchase required, replacements valid through New Year’s Day.


  A beautiful array of poinsettias await you, traditional colors as well a  some unique varieties and styles.  Selection varies at each location.


In addition to Red, White, and Pink We have . . .


  Marble - A stunning poinsettia distinguished by pink and white bicolor bracts.


  Burgundy - Burgundy colored bracts and dark green leaves, a beautiful choice.


Carousel - Ruffled bract that displays shapes (resembling iris flowers), give the appearance of a carousel motion.


Glitter - Red Bracts speckled with white. A great bicolor.


Jingle Bells - Red tones bracts speckled with pink and white shades. A favorite bicolor.


Cinnamon - Unique and charming pink  colored bracts.


Chianti - Rich, wine-colored, serrated bracts. A strikingly unique addition to your decor.


Fantasy Colors - Gold, Blue, Bronze & Purple.


Traditional poinsettias are getting a whole new look.


Winter Rose - A new form of the traditional Christmas Plant.  Winter Rose's foliage displays tightly crinkled bracts, shaped like a rose flower.  Comes in Red, Marble, Pink or White