Pond Heaters and De-Icers


Long winter months can be extremely dangerous for fish living in small fish ponds and water gardens. As ice covers the pond, decaying matter and fish waste can become trapped causing toxic gasses to be released.  Build-up of these gases can be harmful and even fatal to your fish.


This tragedy can be avoided by adding a pond heater or de-icer to your pond. The heater keeps an area of the pond ice-free, allowing harmful gasses to escape through the opening. This allows the fish to stay healthy and survive the long winter months.


Pond heaters are designed to float on top of the pond. They are thermostatically controlled allowing them to shut off when not needed. Pond heaters are safe to use with a pond liner or a plastic pond.


At Esbenshade's we sell a wide variety of pond heaters to meet the needs and size of your watergarden.