Responsible Leaf Management

“What a way to spend my weekend” you’re probably thinking as you lean wearily on your rake looking at the abundance of leaves that have accumulated in your yard. 


  Don’t rake them!


  Don’t put them in bags to be taken to a landfill!


  Don’t burn them!


  Don’t blow them onto your neighbor’s property or into the street!


Leaves are nature’s valuable resource and, if managed properly, can provide a good source of organic nutrients for your landscape. Leaves should be mowed and mulched into the turf.  If you reach a point that your lawn is completely covered and being smothered by leaves, there are other places where the leaves can be used so that they will benefit your landscape.  Add some shredded leaves to your flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, around your shrubs and trees as mulch.  When no more mulch is needed in your yard, create a compost pile. Adding dry molasses to your beds and compost pile will help the shredded leaves to break down and become more humus.  Use 20 lbs. per square foot. Everybody wins when we use responsible leaf management.


  Landscapes will be healthier!


  There will be less water run off!


  Less tax money needs to be allocated to have others manage leaves for us!