Responsible Leaf Management


It's that time of year. Fall has arrived along with crisp, cooler temperatures and transitioning foliage.  As the leaves begin to fall, here are several ideas to put them to good use.
Leaves are nature’s valuable resource and, if managed properly, can provide a good source of organic nutrients for your landscape.

1. Leaves can be mowed and shredded, then mulched into the turf. 
Be sure not to completely cover and smother your lawn with leaves as this can trap moisture and become detrimental to your lawn's health.

2. Add some shredded leaves to your flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, around your shrubs and trees as mulch. 
Leaves should be shredded to about the size of a dime prior to application. Do not use leaves that are diseased.

3. Create a compost pile.
Add grass clippings as well for a source of Nitrogen.  Be sure to not use diseased leaves.

4. Drop off at a local municipality collection area. 
Many cities collect and compost leaves for use in their community gardens and flower beds.