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Royal Gold Crown Jewels Organic Grow 3-2-2 Dry Soluble Fertilizer for Plant Feeding and Growth

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Make your garden the gem of the neighborhood with Crown Jewels Grow Fertilizer!

Key Product Features

  • Excellent for treating and preparing soils prior to planting and great for brewing actively aerated teas
  • NPK analysis is 3-2-2. There is 8% calcium and 0.7% magnesium in this blend. This mix is pH balanced, having a pH between 5.5 and 7.5.
  • Unique micronized particle sizes to encourage even nutrient release
  • Derived from: crab meal, neem seed meal, alfalfa meal, basalt, fish bone meal, gypsum, seabird guano, epsom salt, kelp meal, sulfate of potash, dolomite
  • Field tested and developed with certified soil scientists and legacy cultivators and growers

A premium, professional quality solution for complete garden performance from propagation to blossom, for at home hobbyists and horticultural professionals alike. This all-purpose growth formula can help give your spring starts the friendly boost they need to become vigorous growers and perform to their optimum potential. Whether cultivating specialty crops for the summer season or traditional crops year-round, be it potted, bedding or baskets, gardeners know nothing is guaranteed, but a properly fertilized garden is more resistant to problems and more tolerant of the stresses of a typical growing season.

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Organic or Natural
General Purpose
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