Salvia BODACIOUS® Hummingbird Falls


Salvia x guaranitica

A new Esbenshade grown annual to grace your garden!


   We are proud to introduce a new cultivar for your 2022 garden. This new cousin of the Black & Blue Salvia has all the same benefits and charms with one added characteristic to make it unique. It has been specially bred to be a more compact annual growing to a maximum height of 24 inches and spread of 36 inches. At a smaller size, you’ll be able to fit this new arrival into your garden borders, mass landscape plantings, small containers, and even hanging baskets. It still boasts the same large, saturated dark blue blooms which contrast beautifully with a strikingly black calyx that will attract many types of pollinators, especially species of hummingbirds. The tubular shape, contrast in colors, and nectar rich flowers are the perfect recipe for such attraction. Like many other Salvias, you can depend on BODACIOUS® Hummingbird Falls to be somewhat drought and heat tolerant. It will bloom constantly throughout to summer with the proper care. Friendly tip: regular deadheading and fertilizing throughout the growing season will prolong the bloom time of this cultivar.


USDA Zone: 7 - 8

Height: 12” - 24”

Spread: 18” – 36”

Seasons: spring - autumn

Flower Colors: blue

Foliage Colors: dark green

Light: Full-Sun

Growth Habit: compact

Usage: hanging baskets, borders, containers, mass landscape planting

Origin: California