EPIC Scram for Cats All Natural Ready To Use Outdoor Granular Animal Repellent Resealable Bag

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Get rid of lounging, unwanted feral cats and the unpleasant odors they leave behind in your backyard.

Key Product Features

  • Keep animals out of your yard by using this granular formula made from organic components.
  • The smell of the granules convinces stray cats that your yard is dangerous and quickly trains them to avoid the treated areas.
  • Can be applied as a protective border or evenly spread over plant areas you'd like to protect.
  • Shields your landscaping, gardens, patios and porches by deterring cats from the path on your property they've become accustomed to.
  • Convenient resealable bag contains enough product for all season use with no mixing required. 
  • If necessary, reapply as needed until effective and avoidance is demonstrated.
  • Packaging is in the process of being updated and may vary.

Scram for Cats is specially formulated to deter cats from treated areas. This unique organic formula was designed just for cats and has been tested and proven to successfully train cats from entering or digging in treated areas. This product is safe to use around pets of your own, children and plants. Once the formula is well established, reapply every two to three weeks. It is the ideal low-cost solution to rid your property of unwanted animals.

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