Summer Bulbs For Your Cutting Garden

Following is a list of summer bulbs that are some of the best candidates for your cutting garden.


Excellent as Cut Flowers:


Agapanthus (lily of the Nile), tall blue or white flower clusters.


Allium, particularly the tall purple puff-ball flowers of A. giganteum and A. aflatunense.


Brodiaea, grasslike foliage with blue flower clusters atop slender stalks.


Crocosmia, tall golden yellow to brilliant orange-scarlet blossoms.


Dahlias, a multitude of shapes and colors, all magnificent performers (in the garden, the more you cut, the more they bloom, especially the Cactus/Decoratives and Pompoms).


Eremurus, spectacular towering spikes of flowers in white to pink to yellow or orange. Can last up to three weeks when cut.


Ixiolirion, delicate lavender flowers atop spindly stems.


Lycoris, yellow or rosy spidery flower.


Nerine, stylish, rose-pink spidery flower.


Ranunculus (Persian buttercup) 2-5 inch flowers packed with petals, in every color except blue or green.


Sparaxis (harlequin flower) variously colored with yellow and black throat, sword-like foliage.


Excellent for Fragrance plus Long Vase Life



Acidanthera, delicate swan-like cousin of the gladiolus with creamy white flowers, delicate scent.


Allium neopolitanun, 15-inches tall with delicate white flowers.


Anemone de Caen, poppy-like flowers in white, blues, or red.


Calla (zantedeschia), sheath-shaped flower of flawless beauty in white and pastel shades.


Clivia, 15-inches tall with wide-petalled clusters in many blends of orange, salmon, scarlet and white.


Crinum lily, majestic white-rosy-red flecked blossoms.


Eucomis (pineapple plant), creamy white flowers blooming from base of a pineapple-like flower head.


Galtonia (summer hyacinth) bell-shaped flowers atop 2-3 foot stems, they bloom when gladioli do, use together in arrangements.


Gladiolus, a flower made for cutting, tall stately stalks covered with huge florets, in every color imaginable.


Iris, especially the Dutch iris or xiphium species in white, blue, yellow, bronze, purple or bi-color.


Ismene, white daffodil-like flower.


Ixia (African corn lily), lush petals in red, cream, orange, pink or yellow atop wiry stalks.


Liatris, tall spiky wand of orchid florets, long-lasting.


Lily (Asiatic), generally early summer bloomers.


Lily (Oriental), generally late summer bloomers.


Ornithogalum thyrsoides, star-shaped white flowers atop tall stalks, very long-lasting.


Polianthes (tuberose) tall exceedingly sweet waxy-white blossoms.