SunPack Mini Double Light Stand for Indoor Seed Starting / Gardening

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Start and grow seeds indoors without the need for large greenhouse operations with this convenient light stand!

Key Product Features

  • Easy to set-up (tool included) and easy to store should you take it apart
  • Adjustable height for customized lighting
  • The two halves of the stand sit facing each other with the light hanging in the middle from the clips
  • Each half sits on a base which keeps the stand upright
  • Simple, space-saving design allows for gardening in tight spaces
  • Extends from 16.25" in height to approximately 29" 

This double light stand from SunPack is an easy to use, easy to set up solution to indoor seed starting and gardening. The stand holds up to 2 LED or TH50 lights to hang over a propagation tray. Adjusting the height is simple and allows for use in many conditions. The two halves of the stand each have two overhangs with eye hooks which attach to your light strips. Great for gardeners with little space to garden and for those who live in climates that get cold.

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