Sylvania Synchronized Multifunction Color Change 76 C6 Light Set, 8 Functions

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Create an energetic and colorful light display with Sylvania synchronized multi-function LED C6 lights.

Product Features

  • Synchronized, multi-function light set
  • 75 micro-LED C6 lights
  • Color changing, cool white to multiple colors
  • 18.5 feet lighted length
  • 20.5 feet total length
  • End to end connection, connect up to 12 light sets
  • Green wire
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Set the feel of an area with Sylvania multi-function, multi-color LED light string. Features 8 functions, which are Steady Cool White, Steady Multicolor, Continuous Color Chang, Cascading Color Change, Flashing White to Multicolor, Flashing and Cascading, Back and Forth Cascading or any combination of all other 7 functions. Each strand has 75 bulbs and 18.5 feet of lighted length. Connect up to 15 light sets, can be used in indoor or outdoor settings. 

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Additional Information

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