Traction Magic

Traction Magic from The Makers of Safe Paw - 35 pound Plastic Pail

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Spread Traction Magic for INSTANT traction!

  • PEOPLE & PET SAFE - Safe on eyes, skin and paws. It’s safe around and if ingested
  • WORKS ON ALL TEMPERATURES - Works at any temperature and any thickness of ice (even black ice)
  • EXCELLENT SPREAD RATE - Allows a typical back yard to be treated to make a safe winter playland for pets and people. Can be used for a long time on small and large areas
  • SKID-FREE SURFACE - Product can create an instant skid free, slip free surface on ice and snow for foot traffic, pet traffic, car traffic, and more
  • CHEMICAL FREE - All natural Composed and made with all natural ingredients and with safe minerals.
  • 100% free of harmful salt and safe for all surfaces including different decking, new concrete, pavers, etc.
  • Environmentally-friendly formula uses spiky granules to absorb moisture from the ice and form a sandpaper-like surface.
  • Easy to use out-of-the-container by simply spreading it on any surface like the driveway or yard, with no mixing needed.
  • Made in the USA
  • Provides traction for your car so you can go get your pet essentials even on icy days & works on oil and paint spills too.
  • Travel-size jug included for convenience

The Traction Magic 35 lb. Pail of Ice Melt Salt Ice Melt comes in a large  plastic container that easily stores away in your shed or garage. This highly effective ice melt is made with harmless, non-toxic environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe to use around children and pets. The unique material works to absorb moisture and embed deeply into the ice, leaving behind a stable traction on the surface that helps to prevent slips and falls. Use it on walkways, sidewalks, and your driveway to help promote a safe environment at home or for your business. Dimensions: 10.15L x 11.67W x 10.15H inches. Plastic constructed container. Red colored container. 100% harmless ingredients. Embed into the ice and absorb moisture leaving a sand paper surface. Includes shaker and gloves. 

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