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TRUE Organic Berry and Fruit Plant Food, CDFA, OMRI for Organic Gardening, 4lb

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  • TRUE Organic Berry and Fruit Plant Food, CDFA, OMRI for Organic Gardening, 4lb
  • TRUE Organic Berry and Fruit Plant Food, CDFA, OMRI for Organic Gardening, 4lb
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True Organic Granular Berry Plant Food is an Organic Mix of all natural plant foods with a 5-4-4 Formula which provides the perfect start for your fruit & berry needs, it will provide your Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & Blackberries the super powers to produce large, delicious fruits!

Key Product Features

  • Contains an EXTRA 6% Calcium & 1% Sulfur to give your plants an additional nutrient blast, PLUS an exclusive blend of proven farm-grade ingredients for plants, soil and microbes, including Poultry Manure, Fish Bone Meal, Potash, Soybean Meal, Seabird Guano, Shrimp and Crab Shell Meal.
  • Our Plant Food supplies the proper ration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which helps promote beautiful new growth, lush green foliage, abundant blossoms and bountiful fruit
  • Unlike conventional fertilizers, True Organic products replenish the soil, helping to restore the Earth for future generations and keeping your own backyard biome truly organic
  • For use monthly on in-ground and container plants, including houseplants and raised garden beds for ORGANIC production

True Organic Berry Food contains 1-percent sulfur to help lower soil pH and improve the availability of micronutrients for organic fruits on berry plants that thrive in a low pH soil, and other acid-loving plants. Blended from natural & organic farm-grade ingredients which are proven to be extremely beneficial for both plants and soil. Contains seabird guano, a great source of phosphorous and slow-release nitrogen, shrimp shell and crab shell meal, a sustained supply of calcium and nitrogen for soil and plants, poultry manure; ethically sourced from organically raised birds, and organically sourced soybean meal. No sludge, fillers or additives. Apply monthly during the growing season for an abundance of fruits that thrive in a low pH soil. One four-pound bag covers up to 58sq ft. NPK 5-4-4. OMRI Listed.

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Fruit & Vegetable
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Organic or Natural
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