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Wellington SecureLine Military Grade Braided Nylon Paracord, 5/32" x 400"

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Braided Nylon Paracord is a high-strength tool that's super helpful in survival situations.

Key Product Details

  • Paracord has a higher safe working load
  • Constructed with 7 strands of nylon twine at its core
  • Can be used for repair, fishing line or nets, shelter building, hunting and shoelaces
  • Roll holds 400 feet of paracord

Secure your belongings with the Secureline 5/32 inch x 400 feet yellow/orange nylon paracord, which features nylon construction for durability. Offering a strong and durable design, this paracord ties easily and securely and is resistant to mildew and abrasion.

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Additional Information

Maleable Netting
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