Woodlink 28558 Red Canoe Insect Shelter

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Multi chamber design attracts the largest variety of beneficial insects!

Key Product Features

  • Chambers are filled with a variety of natural materials to attract and shelter beneficial insects
  • Red in color
  • Ready to hang, about 5-ft high near flowering plants or shrubs
  • Easy to use
  • A great way to encourage pollinators

Lake and Cabin Collections inspired by the Great Outdoors! The multi chamber design of this insect shelter attracts the largest variety of beneficial insects including lacewings and lady bugs to help reduce plant damage from pests like aphids and caterpillars. Solitary bees may also use this house, increasing pollination. Hang your insect house about 5-ft high near the area where you want increased pollination and harmful insect protection, like a garden, flower bed or bushes and trees that blossom. Ready to hang.

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Additional Information

Product Type:
Non-Pesticidal Tools
Other Insects
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