XXD's (#O-830) Bottlefish White Diving/Swim Bag

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Bottlefish – the perfect companion to plunge with you into the sweet summer breeze! Experience the freshness of being by the water with this bag that submerges your bottles into the cold blue. How do you use it you might ask? Good question! Put the bottles into the bag, tighten it with the rope and dip it into the water. Enjoy your cold beverages during a spontaneous picnic at the lakeside or riverside. Use the bottle fish as a promotional medium, stylish shopping bag or as a swim bag.

Key Product Features 

  • Size: 260 x 130 x 360 mm
  • Rope length 2800mm 
  • Material: Nylon fabric white net fabric silver 
  • Multi-use: Stylish shopping bag or swim bag 
  • Simply put the bottles into the bag, tighten it with the rope, dip into the water...and enjoy! 
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