Monterey 18-2-2 Pasture Fertilizer Plus Iron, 2.5 Gallon (Covers up to 2.5 Acres)

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Monterey Pasture Fertilizer promotes plant growth and vigor.

Key Product Features

  • Active ingredients are 2% available phosphate, 3 different forms of Nitrogen, from a fast release to a slow release, 2% soluble potash, plus iron, copper, manganese and zinc
  • It is recommended to use a surfactant for foliar coverage
  • Compatible with most herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Covers up to 2.5 acres

Monterey Pasture Fertilizer has been specially formulated for pasture grasses and legumes. It promotes plant vigor and growth. Monterey's Pasture Fertilizer combines three forms of nitrogen, both fast and slow releasing, as well as phosphorous, potassium and iron. Applying this fertilizer improves the growth of your pasture improving grazing for horses, cattle or other livestock. This pasture fertilizer is compatible with most herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides. When applying the fertilizer remove horses or livestock from the pasture for 24 hours. 

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Additional Information

General Purpose
Iron Tone
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