Although many attractive anthuriums are grown especially for their flowers, some are becoming increasingly popular as foliage plants. The exotic anthurium is from the American tropics. It has beautiful heart shaped or lance like leaves in rich shades of green or variegated with white, some with a rose color underneath. Some of the largest and the most colorful ferns have been developed by growers in Hawaii. The flowers are brilliant oranges and reds – soft greenish or pinkish whites with new colors becoming available. Most of the color is in the heart shaped spathe surrounding the flowers. All varieties love humidity and warmth.


The flowering spathes of flamingo flower can last an astounding six weeks, and are popular as cut flowers around the world.


Grow flamingo flowers in bright light, an indirectly lit south, east or west window. Always water thoroughly, but allow to dry on the top inch of soil. Discard drainage. Provide good ventilation and fertilize monthly. Ideal temperatures are 65-70 degrees at night and 75-80 degrees thru the day. Repot annually, and new plants can be grown by division.


To provide extra humidity, place the plants on a shallow tray with an inch or more of pebbles, and keep at least 3/4 inch or more of water in the tray. But make sure the bottom of the pot does not touch the water, if the pot stands in water, the plant roots will rot. The constant evaporation of the water raises the humidity in the air immediately around the plants to as much as three to five times that of the rest of the room.