Aspects (APS351) Super Tube Top II, 18" diameter

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The Ultimate Bird Seed Feeder Dome Protector by Aspects!

  • Measures 18 x 18 x 9.25 inches
  • For use with all Aspects 2-3/4" diameter standard tube feeders
  • Can also be used with 4" diameter Big Tube feeders
  • Primary material: Molded UV stabilized, super-tough polycarbonate
  • Offers superior protection against the elements and squirrels
  • No hardware needed-Simply place top over the bail wire to rest on feeder cap

This 18in diameter dome offers the ultimate protection from rain, snow and squirrels. Cross center slotting system allows the Super Tube Top® to fit all Aspects® tubular feeders snugly. Simply slip this dome over the bail wire and rest it on the feeder's cap - no hardware needed! Lifetime Guarantee! THIS IS THE DOME ONLY - FEEDER SOLD SEPARATELY

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2 Reviews

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    Keep rain & squirrels at bay. Works as promised. Fair price.

    Posted by Sid Hardwicke on Jul 13th 2021

    Reccomend you try it!

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    Aspects Super Tube Top II

    Posted by John Almerigotti on May 13th 2020

    This is a useful baffle for tube-type bird feeders, not only because it successfully keeps squirrels from reaching the seed, it's the best rain protection that I've found for this type of feeder. Other baffles with a more dish-like shape, usually measuring between 16" to 20", didn't work for this kind of feeder, it's shallow protection from rain, and in the winter, snow, get under it, spoil the seed, and make for a less than enjoyable mealtime for the birds. I used the, Super Tube Top II, on a finch feeder that had no cover previously. My finch feeder is and enclosed tube, similar to the one in the photograph of the Tube Top, with a couple more holes and perches, the seed was less vulnerable than the small birds, finches, chickadees, and small sparrows that feed from it, with the, Super Tube Top II, the birds who chow down now are protected from the elements of rain and, on the rare occasion we get any, it well protect them from falling snow too. It's the easiest baffle to attach, the halfmoon-shaped cover slips over the hanging hook on the feeder, and you are done! So simple that very little could go wrong with it, so simple that removal for cleaning involves nothing more than lifting your feeder off it's hook, slipping the Tube Top off, washing, and reversing the process. Simplicity in design, efficiency in use, exactly what I was looking for, I'm thinking of getting another one for an open thistle feeder. From what I've seen, the birds that come to my feeders like it too.

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