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BioPlex Complete Compost Tea-Bags & Bio-Brew. (1 Pouch Containing 20 Tea Bags)

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BioPlex developed Compost Tea + BIO-Brew Bags for use by all plant enthusiast's ranging from the hobby, weekend gardener to the master gardener. Compost Tea-Bags can be safely used both to steep a fresh, nutrient-rich liquid brew, or as dry packs placed into a transplanting hole with the plant roots - or ultimately - both in combination.

Each Compost Tea-Bag contains highly concentrated, safe, digestible plant nutrients derived from aerobically cured, pathoben free compost, Endo-Ecto Mycorrhiza plus 25 beneficial rhizabacteria to help improve plant health, soils, root zone and fibrous root mass. With the addition of molasses, currently existing microbial colonies as well as new beneficial rhizabacteria and fungi colonization will rapidly produce valuable plant health, soil and root benefits almost immediately.

Compost Tea is where Eco-Friendly and Best Practices come together. Treat your turf, ornamentals and house plants to a batch of nutrient rich, "BIO" Compost Tea with either the regular COMPLETE TEA-Bag pouch.

Key Product Features 

  • Quantity: 1 Pouch, 20 Tea Bags (T-Bags=21 grams)
  • Natural organic, sustainable
  • Excellent for use on flowers, turf, vegetables, shrubs, tropical & indoor plants
  • Rich, natural organic plant food for brewing compost tea
  • Guaranteed to rapidly product valuable plant health, soil and root benefits almost immediately
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