Bonide Products Systemic Insect Control, Insecticide, 1-Pt.

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Stop pests before they ruin your beautiful garden!

Key Product Features

  • Deals with a large list of insects including thrips, mealybugs, scale, two-spotted spider mites, whiteflies and more
  • One pint can make up to 16 gallons of diluted spray, and it helps treat infestations immediately
  • Great for use on flower beds, roses, and shrubs
  • Absorbed through the foliage for complete plant protection
  • Comes as a concentrate to be mixed with water according to the directions

This product kills insects that feed on plants, including aphids, whiteflies, scale, and more. Bonide pesticide products are very effective and provide lasting bug control to your garden.  It is easy to use and mix, but it is hazardous to humans and domestic animals. Use this product by strictly following the directions on the label. This is not meant for use on edible plants such as fruit or vegetables, and it is not labeled for use on lawns or turfs. Apply the product every 7 to 10 days while the infestation occurs.

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Additional Information

Other Insects
Mites and Aphids
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