Earth Science Sun/Shade Fast Acting Grass Repair Kit, Covers 250sq ft

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Repairing your lawn has never been so quick and easy, just sprinkle, water, grow!

Product Details

  • Fast acting grass repair kit contains northern sun/shade grass seed, dairy manure granules, fertilizer
  • Nutri-Bond Technology holds nutrients in place longer for maximum effectiveness and helps reduce nutrient run-off up to 75 percent
  • Water-Right Technology signals when to water, when the sparkle is gone, it's time to water
  • Improves natural and organic soils

This stress-free blend of seed, fertilizer and soil improvers is ideal for repairing thin patches and bare spots anywhere in the yard. Repairs couldn’t be simpler with easy application straight from the pouch, plus an all-in-one formula that easily blends with existing grass. Reinvigorate your lawn with an earth-friendly product that is safe for children, pets and the environment.

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