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Fallen Fruits Stylish Mesh Fly Swatter Leaf, Suitable for all ages, Green

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Get rid of those ugly fly swatters, this Leaf Swatter is a great upgrade!

Key Product Features

  • Lightweight and suitable for kids and adults
  • Simply hold the end and hit the fly
  • Stylish Green leaf as the Swatter base
  • Leaf shape provides more hitting length, giving you a better chance at killing a fly
  • No assembly required
Fallen Fruits sells a variety of items, from garden tools to outdoor carpets, they focus on Outdoor items. This Leaf Fly Swatter is the perfect addition to any home, it is stylish yet also gets the job done. Those house flies don't stand a chance against this fly swatter. With one wack, they'll be done-for! Simply hold the end of the swatter, aim at your target, and *WACK*, you got 'em! Try it out!
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Additional Information

Non-Pesticidal Tools
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