Ferry Morse Seed Co 5211 Jiffy Peat Pots (12 pots)

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Whether you are planting tropical plants or vegetables, these natural pots are right for you. You can start plants year-round, and plant them directly into the soil in summer!

Key Product Features

  • You will receive 12 pots per order
  • With a 2.25 inch diameter, these seedling pots are perfectly sized for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable saplings like tomatoes and cucumbers, or even tropical plants
  • 4 inches tall
  • By becoming one with the root ball and promoting aeration, these biodegradable seed starter pots are great for transplanting without causing transplant shock or harm
  • You can plant the whole pot in the ground, which helps prevent transplant shock

No transplant shock, no root circulation, and no withered plants and flowers - it's that simple! Replace plastic nursery pots with our degradable plant pots.

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