Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies Secret Garden Fairy Bridge

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  • Flower Fairies Secret Garden Fairy Bridge
  • Flower Fairies Secret Garden Fairy Bridge
  • Flower Fairies Secret Garden Fairy Bridge


The bridge that gives you the perfect path to place your flower fairies on the way to their tea party and a great way join your real and imaginary Fairy world.

Product features

  • The Flower Fairies Fairy Bridge is based on the Flower Fairies stories
  • Fairy Bridge is a gorgeous fairy bridge which will encourage fairies to enter your fairy garden
  • Pop the Flower Fairies Fairy Bridge in the garden or in your Flower Fairy Indoor Garden and watch as your fairy garden comes to life.
  • Item made from durable plastic with attention to detail
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.5" x 2" x 2.59"
  • The bridge connects to the Flower Fairies pathways

Your key to entering the magical world of fairies and exploring with their imagination, as well as an opportunity to add something magical to your garden. Flower Fairy accessories are made of durable plastic and are realistic in a vintage style, offering an old fashion feel- designed with strong attention to detail, including consistent scale across characters and items. Flower Fairies and their accessories are a special gift that all can enjoy collecting!

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