FoxFarm 50/50 Cream of the Crop Perilite & Coconut Coir, 2 CF

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Foxfarm Cream of the Crop growing media is the perfect combination for happy, healthy plants.

  • Blend of growing media; 50% Coconut Coir and 50% Perlite
  • Ready to use
  • Coconut coir helps to retain water in the soil
  • Perlite facilitates aeration and drainage
  • Ideal for use in indoor and outdoor containers

Cream of the Crop 50/50 Growing Media is a blend of buffered coconut coir and perlite, ready to use in your growing environment.  Coconut coir is known for its water holding capabilities, and perlite is included to provide air spaces in the media, facilitating aeration and drainage.  Cream of the Crop 50/50 Growing Media is ideal for use with customized feeding schedules in indoor and outdoor containers.

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