Growing Bulbs in Pots

Pleasure from flowering bulbs in pots.


During the winter months, a good way to have flowering bulbs in pots inside your home is by purchasing pre-forced bulbs in pots. First of all, there are the flower bulbs sold when already displaying color.  You can enjoy these potted plants an average of 7-10 days at a desired locations.  You can also buy bulbs in pots that are in a early stage of development: sprouted bulbs.  Although these bulbs are not as tempting to buy as yet - because there is not a much to see - their green shoots and buds are just as promising.  And once you have bought them, they will provide weeks of pleasure inside your home, on your balcony or on your deck or patio.  


Four important points


1.  Flower bulbs can usually remain in their little round or square containers when being put into other, more attractive containers, baskets or pots.  A layer of soil, moss, wood chips or gravel will hide the plastic containers from view.  If the container will not fit into the post, the bulbs can also be removed carefully from their original container.  Usually the sandy soil in which the bulbs have been planted allows for easy removal simply by tipping the little pot upside down and tapping the bottom.


2.  The flower bulbs need water at frequent intervals but especially not too much at a time.


3.  As the bud come into flower, provide a fine misting of water now and then to protect the flowers from drying out.


4.  Always plant an uneven number of bulbs in a bowl or container.  This will result in a prettier look when they bloom.  Tip: plant flower bulbs of the same kind and color in one pot.  Then when you place more than 1 pot together, all the colors will make a pretty display.