Job Description - Nursery/Perennial Assistant Manager | Mohnton

Title: Nursery/Perennial Assistant Manager
Department: Nursery/Perennial
Location: Mohnton Retail Store
Reports to: Nursery/Perennial Manager 
Classification: Full Time, Year-Round 

TO APPLY: Please download our application and return your completed form along with your resume via one of two methods listed below.



Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Inc. is searching for an Assistant Nursery/Perennial Manager to support and grow our team at Esbenshade’s Greenhouses Inc. We encourage individuals who can provide excellent customer service and are enthusiastic to apply for this position. The Assistant Nursery/Perennial Manager will be responsible for overseeing department employees, handling any challenges that may be faced, and continuously seeking out knowledge of all shrubs, trees, and related products. Prior knowledge and background in woody ornamentals and perennials are preferred for this position.
We don’t just want our plants to grow; we want our employees to grow!



Assist in supervising all nursery/perennial associates.


Duties and responsibilities:

Customer service is first and foremost. This means approaching every customer with a smile and pleasant attitude, offering assistance as needed, answering questions, and doing all you can to provide Esbenshade’s customers with a positive, successful shopping experience so that they will want to return.

  • Excellent communication skills with customers in order to suggest tie-in sales.
  • Taking responsibility and providing leadership for day-to-day operations within your department.
  • Responsible for general clean up, maintenance of nursery and perennial yard and water garden display areas.
  • Maintain a clean and safe nursery environment, carefully monitor any trip hazards.
  • Ensure good communication with customers, employees, vendors and management.
  • Must be flexible with your scheduling to accommodate customer service for the work week.
  • Keep informed of weekly sales items.
  • Knowledge of our Customer Loyalty Card Program.
  • Commitment to attend employee meetings and training.
  • Willingness to learn to operate forklift, bobcat and any other necessary equipment.
  • Willingness to provide cross coverage in other departments as needed.
  • Position includes mulch and nursery deliveries, heavy lifting, loading and unloading of trees, shrubs, perennials and hard goods for customers and vendors.
  • Provide attractive and creative displays with proper signage and information for customers, including seasonal rotation of flowering plants.
  • Ensure that all plants receive proper care – watering, fertilizing, dead-heading, pest scouting etc.
  • Help with the fresh greens and Christmas tree sales.
  • All other duties assigned by Nursery/Perennial manager or store manager.
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures and observe all company policies.



  • Basic knowledge of (or ability to attain knowledge of) fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals and methods of pest control.
  • Ability to solve problems and make decisions or suggestions for customers.
  • Ability to move and setup displays, pot up nursery stock, maintain nursery.
  • Basic knowledge of woody ornamentals and perennials is preferred.
  • High level of initiative and desire for excellence.


Education & Experience:

  • Good knowledge or background in nursery stock, water gardening and perennials is helpful.
  • Experience in nursery and landscaping is preferred.
  • Experience with retail sales is preferred.
  • Management experience helpful.


Time Requirements:

  • Willingness to work evenings (one to three per week), Saturdays and holidays during our busy spring season.
  • Willingness to work overtime as needed during busy spring season.


Physical requirements:

  • Must be able to lift heavy objects. (Up to 75 lbs. pounds).
  • Must be able to be on your feet for long periods of time. (10 to 12 hours).
  • Must be able to work in all weather conditions including; heat, coolness, rain, snow and high humidity.