Kaytee Products All-Natural Timothy Hay Plus With Marigolds, 24 oz

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New all-natural health-boosting ingredients offered to you by timothy hay plus, created by experts who have been farming since the 1920’s.  

Key Product Features

  • Dimensions: 5.25” x 16” x 6.5”
  • Ingredients: Natural sun-cured timothy hay, dried calendula (marigold)
  • All-natural chemical free high fiber treat with broad green leaves.
  • Aids in natural digestive process.
  • For rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla and other small animals that are of the age of 4 weeks and older.

A high-quality hay that provides a delicious low-calcium treat which may decrease the likelihood of urinary tract problems. Timothy Hay Plus is sweet smelling of mint for digestive health, mixed in with munchy marigolds for antioxidant enrichment, and crunchy carrots for additional vitamins. Give your pet the benefit of high fiber, and a chemical free aid to their digestion process that 75% percent of their diet should have. Offer several times a day as a treat in addition to their regular hay supply.

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Additional Information

Small Animals
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Food, Feeders & Treats
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