LumiGrow LED Grow Light, 330W, Blue 15″L x 13″W x 7″H

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Trusted by professional growers and hobbyists alike, ES330 LED grow lights are easy to install and deliver immediate savings!

Key product Features

  • Grows great plants without guesswork
  • Reduces energy costs with high-efficiency LED lighting
  • Eliminates the need for ballasts and reflectors
  • Operates safely without high voltage
  • Avoids high heating loads and associated cooling costs
  • 330 Watts using 58 American-made super-flux LEDs
  • True 660nm Deep Red LEDs for enhanced photosynthesis
  • Uses 50% less power than the equivalent 600-Watt HPS light
  • Individually adjustable red and blue balance knobs allow precise 2-channel spectrum control for your specific plant type
  • New enhanced spectrum output covering the full PAR range (photosynthetically active radiation, 400 to 700nm)
  • Runs 75% cooler than HIDs
  • LumiGrow's own constant current PowerDriveTM LED controllers efficiently drive the industry's most powerful LED

Made in USA. Recommended coverage area: 12-16 square feet (when used as the sole lighting source for high-light requirement plants). Enables advanced plant growth control with patent-pending color balance system. Easy On/Off switch, electrical protection, thermal shut-off, fused input voltage, and detachable power cord.

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