Mandevillas are an easy-to-grow, flowering vine with a climbing and trailing growth habit. Trumpet-like blooms appear from late spring to frost. Mandevillas are an excellent choice for containers and add a tropical accent to the landscape.


Mandevillas love sunlight and plenty of warmth. This plant is easy to grown, if kept in the right conditions. Mandevillas are not cold tolerant, and prefer temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mandevillas can be kept over the winter months if protected from the cold. It most likely will not flower again until spring and may drop foliage to help it through the winter.


When the days shorten in the fall the plants will grow long sprouts/shoots. These can be trimmed gently in the fall. They can also be trained to grow on a trellis or support.


Shoots grow in the spring and summer will produce flower buds for the next season. Do not remove or cut back hard in the spring.




Recommended potting soil should be free draining.




The Red Spider Mite and Meaty Bug are the most common pest to the mandevilla. We recommend treating these pests with either Bonide Insect Soap or with Organocide Organic Insecticide.




Diseases that rarely affect the Mandevilla include Fusarium and Cercospora.


Over Winter:


While wintering the mandevilla make sure you do not over water. It is best to keep the soil on the dry side until spring. Once spring arrives increase watering to encourage growth.