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Manna Pro Top Score Deer Corn, 40lb

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If you are looking for a great food source to give your wildlife herd all of the nutrition they need, look no further than Top Score Deer Corn!

  • Size: 40 pound bad (bag is not waterproof)
  • For Deer, Turkey and other Wildlife
  • Consists of whole shelled corn
  • Cannot be fed to horses or domestic rabbits.
  • Not for human use.

Manna Pro created Top Score Deer Corn to be a premium deer and turkey feed. It is an excellent source of nutrition that the herd and flock need. This product can be used year round to help attract and enhance your wildlife population. It is important to know that this bag is not waterproof and that this product is perishable, so store in a cool dry place away from insects and pests. So feed your hungry wildlife today with Top Score Deer Corn!

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