Palms (Indoors)

Palms give a wonderful tropical feel to interiorscapes. They are slow growing, and provide accent, mood and beneficial air purifying qualities.




NEANTHE BELLA – Also - known as parlor or dwarf palm - tolerates lower light levels. It is a small palm, eventually growing to a height of 6 feet, possibly taking 15 years to reach that height.


BAMBOO PALM – Bears clusters of drooping, slender, dark green fronds. This palm has a narrow growth habit that is appropriate for most homes. It is also tolerant of low light levels, but performs in bright light, also. Bamboo palms also have air purifying qualities.


ARECA PALMS – This popular palm grows 6 to 7 feet tall indoors. The fronds are long, feather-shaped, and arching with narrow leaflets. Arecas grow 6 to 10 inches a year. Areca palms do best in very bright light to filtered sunlight.


SAGO PALM (Cycas Revoluta or King Sago) – Although Sago Palms resemble a palm tree, it is more closely related to modern conifers. The leaves are shiny and extremely stiff. Their growth comes out from the center like other palms, usually once a year. Growth is very slow; the plant forms a trunk, but only after many years growth. The lower and older fronds usually yellow and die off as the plant ages, and a new frond is replaces the old one.


Sago Palms do best in high light, which is some direct sun, or up to 4 hours of curtain filtered sunlight. Always water thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry on the top. Never allow the plant to sit in water.


GENERAL CARE FOR PALMS Palms grow best with warm temperatures – up to 70 - 80 degrees during the day. Regularly rinse the foliage, top and underneath to clean the leaves. Fertilize all year, less often in winter. Excess fertilizer can be harmful to palms.


Palms do best when their roots are confined, and may only need repotting every 2 to 3 years, if roots fill the pot. Always repot in spring or early summer. When repotting, palms prefer to be set at the same level – do not put excess soil on the top of the ground level. Do not use any of the leaf shining products on palms as they can severely injure the foliage.