Pets Pick Red Cedar Fresh Bedding for Small Animals, Livestock, Dogs, 2 CF Expands to 5 CF

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Pet’s Pick Cedar Bedding is ideal for all kinds of animals from cats to dogs to rabbits to horses!

Key Product Features

  • 2.0 cu ft bag expands to 5.0 cu ft
  • All-natural red cedar wood bedding kiln dried and is biodegradable
  • Maximum absorbency for excellent odor control
  • Triple screened, dust free
  • Soft & gentle on animal fur
  • Appealing fragrant wood fibers control moisture keep animals warm in winter and naturally drive away fleas ticks and flies

The Pet’s Pick Cedar Bedding in a 5.0 cu ft package is a more natural option for your pets. Pets stay odor-free, warm and dry. The cedar chips are kiln dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria and triple screened to remove irritating dust. It absorbs odors naturally to keep both your family and your pets happy. Additionally, it's carbon neutral and made from renewable resources so not only will your pets sleep easy, you will too. A sanitary bedding for your furry friends, it can keep things smelling good longer. The cedar wood chips are an economical way to keep your pets comfortable yet sanitary in their areas. Worry-free to clean up when soiled, the chips can be replaced readily as the package is lightweight and easy to handle.

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Additional Information

Small Animals
Other Foraging Farm Animals
Product Type:
Bedding, Cages and Pens
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